3 Forms of Long-Term Investment Anyone Can Take Advantage Of

Investing is something we all come to consider at one point or another from our 20’s onwards as these long-term decisions begin to matter more and more. There are so many different ways in which we can turn our money into something more, be it through a mortgage on a property, shares in a company, and government or business bonds.

While some forms of long-term investment are more suitable for some people rather than others, literally anyone can get involved with any one type of investment. Below we’ll go through 3 forms of long-term investment that anyone can take advantage of.

Mortgages on Property

A common form of long-term investment which most people are aware of is taking out a mortgage for a house or piece of real-estate. While most people have an idea of how a mortgage operates, there are many people, particularly those from the younger generations, who don’t know much about property mortgages and how valuable they can be.

Most mortgages are provided by your bank who will agree to buy and take ownership of the property you want if you pay a certain percentage of the overall price to the bank as a deposit. After this, you will be responsible for regular monthly payments which will eventually culminate in you owning your new piece of real-estate. Mortgages are great in that they allow normal everyday people the chance to be buy something extremely valuable by paying money over time instead of in a large lump sum.

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Capital Markets

Capital Markets may sound complex and complicated, but at their core, they are not nearly as perplexing as their reputation would have you believe. Capital Markets are simply places where businesspeople can buy shares or bonds in companies in an effort to raise capital. Not only is this a great way for people to get involved in owning part of a business which could potentially do well in the future, it’s also a fantastic way for businesses to raise the capital needed for expenditure and growth.

Sometimes capital markets are very corporate in nature, even to the point of law firms specialising in capital markets to ensure that their clients get a fair deal throughout the sometimes complex process. While you may not ever explore this side of capital markets as a layman individual, it’s good to know that different types of capital market exist in order for individuals and organisations to make long-term investments.

Government Bonds

While not as glamorous or common as they used to be, you can often still purchase bonds from governments and other reputable organisations. The way bonds work is actually quite simple and is similar to a loan. Buying a bond means giving a lump sum to the government body or organisation and having it paid back to you over a period of time with added interest. As to when you receive some, or all, of this money back, plus interest varies from deal to deal, some will return monthly payments to you, others will wait a specific period of time before returning any cash to you.

What’s great about buying bonds is that they are a low-risk way of benefitting from long-term investment from reputable sources. This makes them less risky than shares in a business which could take a bad turn. One disadvantage, however, is that bonds usually do not return high volumes of interest, so having a strategy in mind to buy multiple bonds from different sources may be the best way to maximise your earnings.

These are just 3 methods of long-term investment which you can take advantage of, but there are certainly more methods out there. Be sure to explore these further over time to make some money while also taking ownership of some valuable assets.