4 Money Saving Methods For The Household


Running a household can be expensive. From buying toilet paper to getting the leak on your ceiling repaired, it seems that we are constantly spending money. This is why I, Tiffany William have been asked to construct a handy, concise and easy tip guide to method which could save you and your family money for the more exciting things in life.

1. Spend your money on reusable items

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Most disposable goods are relatively cheap and convenient in modern day life; you’ll eventually have to go out and buy a replacement for the temporary item. Again and again. The amount of paper, plastic and other re-useable materials that a family bins is very bad for the environment.

With some simple changes to your shopping life and life style you’ll be able to save a surprisingly decent amount of money. For example, don’t buy paper towels, replace this with a reusable cloth towel, this might only save you a few pound on your weekly shopping- but over the course of a year could surprisingly save you up to £100.

2. Don’t buy first hand

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Perhaps there is a stigma that buying second hand is a second rate purchase, and sure, in the past this was probably true, as you might get some unexpected wear and tear in a product which you didn’t notice ‘til 2 weeks after the purchase.

This isn’t a problem in 2017, as the competition for being a second-hand merchant is higher. With websites such as eBay and Gumtree becoming larger by the day, there is a strict grading principle in which warns the potential buyer of the exact condition the product is in before they buy it.

Forget the inaccurate stigma and buy second-hand more, you’ll save a crazy amount of money doing so!

3. Buy efficient high performance products

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There is a common saying “you need to spend money to make money”. This is another example that of it. For example, let’s talk about your radiator- an old radiator often requires a lot of energy to heat up a room, due to the out dates technology which is present in the heater.

New modern radiators have a high-performance level, as well as being constructed to use as little energy as possible to operate. This means that the better the radiator you have, the less energy you’ll use. As energy costs the house-owners money monthly, it only makes sense that you invest for long time savings. Plus, energy efficient radiators are now available on a budget, with websites such as Trade Radiators, you’ll notice that you don’t have to break the bank to afford a top of the line radiator for your home. Check out trade radiators cheap flat panel radiators for more information.

4. Take advantage of the library

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Instead of subscribing to Netflix, buying e-books, enrolling in short courses, paying for a tutor to teach you French… Whatever you might be paying for personal education and entertainment, remind yourself of the library, which is free for UK citizens.

The library isn’t just useful for books. Instead of spending £6 a month on Netflix, or buying a DVD set, remember that the library stocks CDs, DVDs and even blu-rays in their locations all over the country. As in the library you can rent out for free or very inexpensive affordable rates, this is a sure fire to save you money.