Tips and Advice When Starting a Business

One thing is for sure when you start your own business; you’ll be receiving advice from just about everyone you know. Unfortunately, this advice tends to come from individuals with no experience of doing so themselves. So you’ll turn to the internet in an attempt to fill your pockets with much needed guidance from every crack possible, which again isn’t ideal. Luckily though, you’ve found yourself comfortably onto Archery IFAA, where we are experts in both business and domestic financial advice.
In this article we will be running down the top tips which will help you on your venture into entrepreneurism.


Make yourself a detailed journey plan

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This should be the first thing that you do: create an extensive plan which will help you illustrate the path onwards your end goal. This plan should include any opportunities you’ve identified, it should mark out what your end goal is accurately, establish minor goals along the way which you can cross off on your way to completion. By setting deadlines for each milestone, you’ll be able to set a time on when you expect to be achieving the goals, so you know if you are before or behind schedule.


Get networking

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In the modern business climate, it’s extremely important to get out there and get your name about, whilst meeting the right people within your industry. You must create your own word-of-mouth in order to progress your business, as nobody else is going to be doing so when you start. We’d recommend selling your services and products at conventions and exhibits, as this is a great way to express yourself towards your direct audience, if you are at the right place.


Get the right team

Surrounding yourself with the right people can be greatly beneficial for your business. Whether it’s by forming a team of ambitious young people who are fast learning, or people who are already experts in their field, having the right team will play a huge part in your business.


Hire an expert to do your taxes

Doing taxes yourself can be beneficial, but only if you are a skilled tax expert. If you aren’t we would suggest hiring a company who know what they are doing. One of the biggest mistakes new businesses make whilst trying to cut costs is assigning an unskilled member of their staff to try complete tax forms and accounts themselves, as the almost certain mistakes will end up costing the business money. If you hire tax experts you will gain advice on how to save money on tax related payments, so you can make sure that you are paying no more than you should be. Companies such as Tax Kings in Glasgow are experts at this, and there is tax companies all over the UK who do the same.

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