Save When Travelling Abroad

Everyone thinks that travelling needs to be expensive. That only certain people can do it. Sometimes that’s not the case. There are many ways to enjoy travelling Europe while sticking to a budget.

Who To Choose

One of the first things you need to think about is how you’re going to get around. Train, plane or bus? If you’re travelling from the UK into mainland Europe it’s probably best to get a cheap flight to start. Using one of the carriers such as Ryanair, Easyjet or Jet2, means you can get to the likes of Central Europe and Eastern Europe with ease and without expensive. After, travelling by bus, train to each destination is fairly reasonable too, due to the strong currency of the UK. If you’re planning a full holiday and not just a short break, you’re best looking online for Thomas Cook discount codes as the famous travel agent will regularly have seasonal deals for full package holidays, rather than hotel comparison sites which only give accommodation.

Where to go

You need to then think about where you’re going to stay. For example, will you be staying in hostels or hotels near Doha (if you’re in the Middle East)? Hostels are always a great idea. If there is a few of you travelling around, booking a room to share is always fun, or sharing with other travelling can open you to new experiences. Everyone has a friend or family member who has upped sticks and moved over to the Emirates and it is fast becoming a popular destination for UK travellers.

What to do

When you’ve settled into your latest destination you need to think where you want to go? And, let’s be honest, it sometimes costs. Let’s go back to our Doha example. If you’re a keen golfer and wanting to see the GEC Open at the Doha Golf Club then it won’t be the cheapest experience ever. What you can do is book far in advance to get the best possible deal. “Early bird” tickets usually cost considerably cheaper than buying tickets closer to the event. Again, the more time you spend online researching deals just like you would for a cheap restaurant deal here, the more bang for your buck you’ll get in holiday.

How To Find Info

Looking at travel mag websites, you can sometimes get considerable discounts on attractions and events in the city where you’re visiting. Places like Times Out give you the low down on the best places to eat and visit while giving advice on how to get the best deals.
Whatever you’re plan is during the last weeks of the summer, book ahead, use a hostel and use cheap air carriers and you will probably save more than you think.

And Stay Safe

Now this final point isn’t the usual “wallet and phone in front pocket” advice your mum would give. When travelling anywhere new, double check to see if you have health insurance that will cover it. You might have an EHIC card already, but with Brexit looming that could soon become a useless bit of plastic. Places like the Post Office are usually the easiest place to get cheap travel insurance, especially if its for single trips i.e not extended breaks to Asia or Australia.