Targeting Tricky Problems

If you are suffering from medical issues it can be difficult to speak to someone about it especially if it is in a sensitive area.

Quite often people will suffer in silence or wait until things get unbearable before they actually seek help and this can cause long term issues.

Of course, with the popularity of the internet it is a lot easier to find out what illnesses we may have by typing in our symptoms however this is not always accurate. In fact, it is common knowledge that if you want to scare yourself into believing that you have an incurable life threatening disease then search online for what is wrong with you.

If you genuinely have an issue you should see your GP, it may be embarrassing but they are professional and there to help. You can also seek guidance from specialists in certain fields including the likes of LUA (London Urology Associates).

Located on London’s Devonshire Street close to Harley Street and with easy access from Regents Park Station and Great Portland Street Station, LUA bring together the leading specialists and cutting edge technology to provide some of the best urological care available.

One area that LUA can help patients with Peyronie’s Disease. Peyronie’s Disease is when the area surrounding the muscle of the penis is scarred. This can result in a lump, bend or pain when erect. Theses symptoms can last for up to a year generally but there are a number of treatments for it.

Despite not fully knowing the root cause of the disease theories suggest it is down to repeated trauma to the penis or vascula disease. Treatments include the use of vitamin E, Colchicine, Verapamil or Potaba and does not usually require surgery however some cases will benefit from this. There are a number of surgical techniques but these are not without their complications.

To find out more about Peyronie’s Disease including the symptoms and treatments you can visit which fully explains the disease and treatments carried out by Mr Suks Minhas a consultant Urologist and Senior Lecturer at London’s University College Hospital.

Though it can be difficult to confront these issues and speak to someone about it the sooner you do the sooner you will be able to get peace of mind or start a treatment to fix any issues you may be suffering from. Suffering in silence and hoping for problems to go away by themselves can sometimes make things a lot worse.