Targeting Your Beauty: How To Treat Yourself

We all deserve a little TLC and pampering every once in a while. So how can we make sure we get a little luxury without feeling guilty about breaking the bank? By following some of these tips from the team at ArcheryIFAA on how to make sure your wallet looks and feels as good as you will. In this blogpost we’ll be targeting baths, spa days, nail treatments and exfoliators.

Treat yourself. Or if you’re a fan of the TV comedy Parks & Recreation it’s always best to make time to “Treat. Yo. Self”. A quick look at your favourite magazine bestowing the benefits of the latest cosmetic treatment or some Twitter Ad flaunting a discount code for moisturiser in your face and you’ll quickly be left wondering if it’s possible to give yourself a me day without a lavish sea retreat. Because we always give the best advice possible with all realms of everyday life, let’s show how you can (and will) be able to get your pamper on.

Target the Spa

Spa days are just the best, aren’t they? Big fluffy robes and slippers, overhead showers that you spend way too long in, calming lounge music and someone to wait on you hand and foot. It’s a shame though that they can be so dear, right? Well fear no longer! When I’m looking for spa days near me I always make a point to snoop online first for local deals. You’d be surprised what a bit of investigative work can do. I once managed to get a half spa for £70 quid (instead of £120) because I started a conversation on Facebook with a local place and just started bartering for different treatment options.

I’d also advise on going early in the week on Mondays and Tuesdays. These are traditionally the days when spas are quieter and its easier to blag your way for an extra glass of bubbly or two, rather then at the weekend when you find mother/daughter combos taking up all the good spots.

Target your Bath

I believe that every bathroom up and down this country is a tranquil escape that is yet to be discovered. Don’t believe me? Well time to get the candles out and the Sade on. The little post I read on Improvenet has 10 cracking little ideas for transforming your bathroom on a limited budget in to a mini-spa of sorts thats only a few steps away from your sofa. the best tip of the lot which I actually took on board when I went to Ikea was buying a few cheap wooden tiles to place around the shower. It’s a very simple touch but after a lifetime if having to deal with getting out of the bath or shower and stepping on that soggy mat, it’s a game changer folks!

Target Your Nails

In a previous life I was a notorious nail biter and would always find myself unconsciously having a nibble when bored or stressed. That stopped though after I bought that varnish that makes your nails taste horrible and started taking a little bit of care for my nails. And now every other day I’ll have a cursory glance and get my nails looking good without having to go to a salon. I would highly recommend doing two things if you want fabulous nails:

1. Don’t buy or use those cute looking fake nails as the glue does a lot more damage than good.

2. Get a relatively cheap damage kit. The have different little polishes to restore and condition that fix your nails faster than you can click your fingers (which is a bit of course when you don’t have nails)


Target Your Skin

Here’s a motto to live by: You can never exfoliate too much. It’s a truth that we should all live by. I used to moisturise my elbows every morning and night while brushing my teeth because they always had little dry bits, but after showing them to a friend down the pub they had a solution that was (and no exageration at all here) LIFE CHANGING. They told me to exfoliate my elbows every few days in the shower and my skin wouldn’t look so bad. So that’s exactly what I did and it worked so well I’ve become an exfoliating aficionado ever since.

You can buy tubs of the stuff on the high street, but if you watch the video above you’ll see that it is super easy to make one at home and save a lot of money on helping your skin look great.

There are also great options available for people that might have small skin imperfections that can affect their confidence. Companies like Snowberry Lane Clinic perform things like mole removal treatments near London and because of the cutting edge technology they employ the recovery time is minimal.


There you have it. Some handy tips to look and feel good without breaking the bank. Do you have any special tips I should add to this post? Get in touch and let me know.